The Book of Philippians

The Book of Philippians

Apr 2020 - May 2020
Sermons in this series
Sun, May 31, 2020

Week 7 of our series in Philippians. How do we handle new circumstances? How do we find and/or determine our path forward as we live through uncertain times and an unknown future? We are commanded to rejoice, be reasonable, and to make our reasonableness known. How we, as Christians, respond when we are wronged helps the unbelieving world respond to Jesus. Join us as we consider what to do when we are "at anchor off the coast" and how our reasonableness brings unity and glory to God, furthering His Kingdom on Earth.
Sun, May 24, 2020

Week 6 of our series in Philippians. The tone of letters comes through clearly when reading them, you can often tell how the author feels about the intended receiver(s). Philippians is a letter to Paul's friends intended to encourage, help, and even challenge them by setting an example before them - one of himself and most importantly, that of Jesus Christ. This section of scripture includes a few specific instructions for his spiritually mature friends encouraging them about how to continue in the faith. Join us to hear how we, too can "...shine like starts as we hold firm to the Word of life".
Sun, May 17, 2020

Week 5 of our series in Philippians. As we continue in our study of the book of Philippians we move to Paul's words regarding Christian maturity both individually and together as a church. Faith goes beyond a confidence in what the Lord will do, to a confidence in the Lord himself. Join us to understand more about how this can be part of your life and the life of our church body through the grace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Sun, May 10, 2020

Week 4 of our series in Philippians. On this Mother's Day we look at Philippians Chapter 2. In previous weeks we have explored how to Be Ambassadors, Be Partners, and Be Worthy - this week we consider how to Be Unified. What can motivate us to action & obedience to God? When we are unified what do we have? What is the key ingredient to unity in the body? This key ingredient, or mindset, is lived out by our Lord Jesus Christ - join us as we understand how Jesus is our example, learned obedience, and what result comes from our heavenly Father.
Sun, May 03, 2020

Week 3 of our series in Philippians. The words we study today seem to be able to be applied to all we are going through in our present days. The comfort, affection, and oneness of our brethren can provide great encouragement in our journey of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul was in tribulation, his personal situation was unique but Paul's attitude and mindset was steady. Join to hear how Paul's mindset and focus can be ours as well during difficult times.
Sun, Apr 26, 2020

Week 2 of our series in Philippians. Explore with us the richness of partnering together in the Gospel. Working, serving, laboring, and striving side by side can seem like a puzzle, today we look at four pieces of that puzzle to see and understand how they link together to bring the good news to others and glorify God. Partnering with others is not easy, in fact, sometimes it's very hard; however, we are secure knowing that it encourages other believers and that "He who began a good work in YOU will be faithful to complete it."
Sun, Apr 19, 2020

Join us for the 1st week in our series on Philippians. Just as we have responsibilities as citizens of the United States we also have responsibilities as citizens of heaven.
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