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Philippians: Be Unified – Bill Dunkerton     Week 4 of our series in Philippians. On this Mother’s Day we look at Philippians Chapter 2. In previous weeks we have explored how to Be Ambassadors, Be Partners, and Be Worthy – this week we consider…

Philippians: Partners in the Gospel – Paul Dumm   Week 2 of our series in Philippians. Explore with us the richness of partnering together in the Gospel. Working, serving, laboring, and striving side by side can seem like a puzzle, today we look at four pieces of…

Philippians I: Citizens of Heaven – Norris Gorman     Join us for the 1st week in our series on Philippians. Just as we have responsibilities as citizens of the United States we also have responsibilities as citizens of heaven.

This Tent Is Not Our Home – Tom Schetelich

Join us for our Easter Sunday Service as we explore the way the teachings of Jesus changed the way the world viewed sickness. As Jesus demonstrated, we are to respond with empathy and compassion and also understand our real person…

Who Touched Us? – Brad Sturm

During this continued time of quarantine, view or download the video file to join us in the Word together. Today, Brad Sturm speaks to us remotely from Alaska about Mark chapter 5 and Jesus' desire for relationship.

According to the Pattern – Kyle Sobus     Today we individually participate through technology during this COVID19 pandemic. Join us for a remote congregation service with music, a ministry update from Brad Sturm, and a word about patterns (rhymes) in history and parallels in scripture.

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