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Speaker: Ellis Prince

  • July 18, 2021

    Speaker: Ellis Prince

    Book: Romans

    We groan daily because of human things – relationships, dread, broken communication, loneliness, lacking purpose, because of where we are there are troubles to troubles in our physical bodies and in our souls; it’s a natural reaction because of our humanity but it’s also a reminder of the future we are longing for in God! We long for the time and place where full control is manifest in the fullness of Christ – where all has been made right.
    Christians are the very present signal to the world that help is on the way – our lives should show the evidence of a loving and serving Savior as we love and serve others. God is asking us to reach out to our friends, neighbors, communities, strangers even and do the work He has set before us to love and serve others in their groaning – to patiently endure and sacrifice ourselves for others.

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