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Sun, Apr 18, 2021
Peter embodies failure - he is always there in the scriptures for our learning - but Jesus modeled forgiveness and grace at work in His "community of failures". Join us to consider this special conversation between Jesus and Peter and how it can impact our lives - to know we have a place and a role in the Kingdom and that He will use us for His glory.

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Sun, Jun 07, 2020

Join us as we look at principles of prayer based on the Lord's Prayer and the three commands Jesus gives us how to pray. Also, we consider the "how much more" argument - we can be encouraged today that our great God responds to us with generosity and grace when we come to Him.
Sun, Aug 11, 2019
Who is like our God? The Bible testifies to this answer - no one is like our God. As we look at Psalm 100 we see the Psalmist's use of chiasm in highlighting the important part of the text and a way approach it. To KNOW God through drawing near, discovering and exploring His Word, and responding to Him by going out and proclaiming Him!
Sun, Jul 08, 2018
Elijah was a mere mortal but he towers over those around him. Today we look at the context before and after Mt. Carmel to see how his story and time in the wilderness relates to our own. Our life and time in the wilderness is not fun but it's a precious place where God meets us, providing comfort, recovery, and restoration.
Sun, Aug 13, 2017
Sun, May 15, 2016
Passage: Psalm 40:1-3
God allows the affliction of our lives to linger so that, through waiting, we learn to cry out to Him.
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