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Sun, May 09, 2021
Join us for week 2 in our 4 week series on The Two Ways - Jesus' teachings in the Sermon on the Mount. This week we consider the two gates and the two paths. What are they and why is there a gate AND a path mentioned? They are connected. Jesus is the narrow gate, but you can't enter through the narrow gate and walk the wide path. Listen to find out more! No one has ever stumbled into the kingdom, nor randomly fallen through the gate. Are you trusting God's grace or are you trusting man's works?

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Sun, Apr 11, 2021
Join us for our final week in our study in the book of 1 Corinthians. Today we look at the close of the book - it has it's own lessons to guide and instruct as well as Paul's farewell and final encouragement to the believers in Corinth.

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Sun, Sep 27, 2020
Join us for the 2nd week in our series on the Life and Times of Samuel.

Frequent and intentional comparisons are made in these early chapters of 1 Samuel between the young Samuel, given into the care of the high priest Eli, and Eli’s two grown sons, who are working in the priesthood under Eli. God continues to be sovereign even as some turn their backs on him and others follow faithfully. Unconstrained by any human, the Lord uses decisions wise and foolish, and exults whom he wishes and destroys whom he wishes. The challenge to followers of God is to follow whole heartedly, being willing instruments of God’s work as His plans unfold.

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Sun, Feb 23, 2020
Paul has a way of both warning and encouraging at the same time, and 1 Corinthians is full of fatherly prodding alongside stern disapproval. He calls the people of the Corinthian church spiritual babies. They knew Christ but their actions were reflective of hearts changed little by growing Christ. His challenge to them, and to us, it to grow up, spiritually, maturing in the faith we claim.
Sun, Sep 15, 2019
The first week in our new series - Peter an apostle of Jesus Christ. This week we look at the perspective of Peter as he looked back (30 years later) at events when he was in the presence of Jesus.
Sun, Mar 17, 2019
Week 9 of our series in Jeremiah. God often asks us to show our faith through action. He also overwhelmingly proves His faithfulness to His promises, however bleak the circumstances. [Note: be aware there is slight background static on the recording.]
Sun, Dec 02, 2018
Week 13 of our series - Training the Twelve. Today we get our closest look at the disciple Thomas, we examine the scenes and signs John included about Easter Sunday and the days after Jesus' resurrection and what they mean for us. Belief is just the beginning of our journey as Christians.
Sun, Aug 26, 2018
A recap of our recent mission team's trip to Curim house in Nogales, Mexico.
Sun, Mar 25, 2018
Passage: Luke 19
The account in Luke of Jesus' journey to Jerusalem - Jesus is engaging the masses yet seeking out the individual. The truth is for everyone yet salvation is personal.
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