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  • 8 December 2021

    Speaker: Joel Leininger

  • 28 November 2021

    Speaker: Jeff Wohlgemuth

    Book: Psalms

    In the third week in our series on the Psalms of Ascent, we read together (in Hebrew and English) and consider the Psalms that the Israelites sang as they traveled up to Jerusalem, worshiped together, and as they departed after the feasts – Psalms 122, 126, 132, and 133. We consider what keywords like salvation, Zion, bless, and certain Hebrew words mean both in the Psalms and in our daily life as we raise hands to bring and give a gift of praise to the Lord. We are the permanent dwelling place of God and Jesus is our promised King, He will reign forever. God is a promise keeper, He will not take away His love from us – ever!

  • 21 November 2021

    Speaker: Matt Gorman

    Book: Psalms

    Join us for the second week in our series exploring the Psalms of Ascent. Praising the Lord and remembering what He has done is a significant element when Israel (and we) are right with God. There is value in verbalizing what He has done in our lives and recognizing from where our help comes. In Psalm 121 we are encouraged that God KEEPS us secure and protected. Listen to discover how the goalie, the gardener, and the bee-keeper are examples of how God keeps us. God keeps His own, we are watched now and for all eternity – He is there guarding, maintaining, and watching over us, daily.

  • 14 November 2021

    Join us for the first week in our four-week series on the Psalms of Ascent. Together we look at these songs that were sung through the generations as travelers headed for the presence of God. This week we introduce the series and focus on the HOPE we have in the Lord in Psalms 130, 120, 129, and 131. We are certain God is the type of God who does what He promises – He redeems us for a purpose. God is the object of our hope, even our audacious hope.

  • 7 November 2021

    Speaker: Travian Savage

    Book: Luke

    As we look at the story of Martha and Mary we learn from the Lord Jesus in His response to Martha’s question to him. Prioritizing the presence of God means making sure there is space in our lives to spend time with the most important person; join us to learn more about the importance of inviting God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit into our lives on a daily basis – Jesus welcomes our invitation! When was the last time you sat at the Savior’s feet – purposefully?

  • 31 October 2021

    Book: Zechariah

    This sermon completes The Second Year of Darius series started in June 2021. Join us to hear about the Eleventh month when the prophet has a series of 11 visions with challenges and describing what will be in – and what will not be in – the city where God dwells. Learn about the meanings of these visions and “the Branch” – our Savior Jesus Christ, the true vine.

  • 24 October 2021

  • 18 October 2021

    Speaker: Paul Dumm

    In God’s upside-down economy, weakness isn’t what we think it is. Small is often seen as weak, however, throughout scripture, God enshrines His care over the weaker and marginalized. In our culture small means weak, but in the Lord’s context – in our weakness, He is made strong! Furthermore, in God’s upside-down economy God wants us to be completely, wholly dependent on Him. The beauty of a small church or movement is that that you have an opportunity to be part of the work, not just watch the work. Philadelphia had nothing to hold onto EXCEPT FOR GOD, and God tells them to hold fast. Listen in to find out more about Philadelphia, the benefit of being small, and 3 ways to let go and hold fast to Him.

  • 11 October 2021

    Speaker: Norris Gorman

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